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An in depth discussion of your hair's history, your desires, and the possibilities. 

Haircut $70+

Customized cut, shear and/or razor, includes wash, conditioning, & blow dry.

Root Refresh $90+

A color retouch of the roots only. Color refresh/glossing thru rest of hair can be added for additional charge. 

Brighten Up $120+

A weaving of color on part of the head. For guests who like a partial highlight service or similar.

Blonding Session $180+

A weaving of color covering the entire head. For guests who like a full highlight service or similar.

Grey Transitions 

Color series to transition from colored hair to your natural grey. The route we choose will determine cost. Most fall under Transformation category.

Transformation $110 hr+

Adjusting, fixing, complete color changes, grey transformation etc.

Styling $75+

Special occasion styling, vintage styling 

Additions +

I have a variety of conditioning & structural treatments such as Olaplex & K18.


Cancellation Policy

In the event I need to cancel my appointment, I'll be sure to notify Bettina no later than 48 hours before my scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled service, due before another appointment may be scheduled.


Late Policy

If I arrive 15 minutes or more late to my appointment, I may not be able to receive all of my scheduled service, although I am still responsible for the full cost of the service scheduled. If I need to reschedule due to being late, the cancellation policy is enacted.


Service Adjustment Policy

I understand that services are Non Refundable. If I'm not fully satisfied with the services, I will contact Bettina within 48 hours to correct the service. If I do not contact Bettina within the required time frame, I will be required to schedule and pay for a new service. A re-do service is to correct the agreed upon service performed and can not be applied if I decide to change my mind.


Product Return Policy

I understand that I may exchange any unopened or opened Full Size product only. 95% of the product must still be in the container. Bettina will suggest an alternative product and the value of the product I'm returning will be applied towards the new product. Credit toward product only.

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