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Get all your Cult+King clean beauty favorites by clicking the text above.

Set yourself free from toxins, conglomerates and throw away culture, with some of the most high-performance and clean products in the world. Join us in a movement of positive change where conscience meets style.

During checkout, be sure to select my name under WHO REFERRED YOU, as pictured below.

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Click the text above to connect with the Hairstory website. 

Get 15%off your first purchase plus 

free shipping when you use my link!

New Wash is detergent-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, human-tested, color-safe, pH-optimal, and biodegradable.

A completely new way to clean your hair- one that restores and respects the body's natural balance, one that leaves hair lively, happy and healthy, all while having the lightest impact on the environment.

Plus styling products without toxins that damage your hair or the planet.

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